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Greendale is a charming little village in Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. The area is unique not only for its distinct and passionate community spirit but also for its rich history. Greendale is a National Historic Landmark.

Although Greendale is peppered with a few buildings and remnants from the Civil War Era, the village earned its place in history for its development after the Great Depression. After the depression, responding to a great need for affordable suburban housing, the government purchased acreage of land southwest of Milwaukee.

The government housing project was developed alphabetically, meaning the village is divided into an A section, B section, etc. wherein all the street names begin with the corresponding letter. More importantly, Greendale was designed with trails, walkways, bike paths, parks, and open spaces in addition to a traditional downtown district.

Greendale’s administrative offices, located near the downtown district, operate in the same location as they have since the village opened in 1938.

The original residents of the Greendale village took great pride in the opportunity to develop a comfortable lifestyle with community events, festivals, and parades.

Today, the historic garden community celebrates with an aaster egg hunt and pancake breakfast, Memorial Day parade, movies in Gazebo Park, Fourth of July parade and fireworks, craft festival, Hay Days & Beer Garden, Greendale kite festival, Halloween parade and trick-or-treating, and a tree lighting ceremony for the holidays. There’s also a jazz, blues, and bbq festival.

Things to do in Greendale

Greendale’s charming downtown district, known locally as, “the village,” encompasses a collection of unique shops, quaint boutiques, and a tasty collection of restaurants, many of which are housed in historic buildings.

But the town’s evolution didn’t stop when the village opened. More than 80 years later, Greendale became home to Wisconsin’s largest indoor shopping center featuring more than 100 specialty stores and restaurants.

Take a trip back in history, pre-dating the Great Depression, with a visit to Trimborn Farm, a farmstead from the civil war – complete with remnants from the times.

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Schools in Greendale

Students attending public schools in Greendale, Wisconsin attend schools governed by the highly respected Greendale School District, or Greendale Schools.

Within the district, there are three elementary schools, including Canterbury Elementary, College Park Elementary, and Highland View Elementary. Middle school students attend Greendale Middle School, while high school students, filled with school spirit and pride, attend Greendale High.

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There are three private schools in Greendale that include Greendale Playschool, Martin Luther High School, and St. Alphonsus School.

Higher education is also close at hand, with more than 30 private and public colleges and universities in surrounding areas.

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The Climate in Greendale

The sun shines on Greendale approximately 192 days each year, creating ideal conditions for a visit to Gazebo Park or to ride a bike or meander along the Oak Leaf Trail network. High summer temperatures in Greendale average around 82 degrees.

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The area receives about 124 days annually with measurable precipitation, which equates to an accumulative total of 36 inches of rain and 45 inches of snow. While winter temperatures drastically drop to a chilling 13 degrees, the conditions are ideal for an array of winter activities.

Transportation in Greendale

With gratitude for the community’s design, residents have several modes of transportation to choose from to get in, out of, and around the village of Greendale.

The thoughtfully developed streets include bike lanes, but bikes can also be used on the Oak Leaf Trail, which connects all areas of Greendale and to surrounding cities and towns, or follow the integrated pedestrian paths which are specific to greenbelt communities.

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But if cars, bikes, and walking aren’t your thing, you can easily catch a bus managed by the Milwaukee Country Transit System, or MCTS.

For air travel, residents and guests rely on the nearby General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

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Living in Greendale

The village of Greendale encompasses 5.60 square miles in the extreme southeastern portion of Wisconsin, situated along Lake Michigan, just 40 miles north of the border of Illinois. There are approximately 14,159 residents who are right at home in Greendale.

Among its residents, the median annual household income is $65,830, comfortably above the Wisconsin median household income of $59,305. Homes in the Greendale area hold median values of $208,602, compared to the state’s $178,900.

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When you choose to settle in at home in Greendale, you’re not just buying a house. You’re investing in a cozy lifestyle that’s rich in history, community spirit, and things to do.

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